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Children's Integrated Services (CIS)

Early intervention, family support, and prevention services that help ensure the healthy development and well-being of children, from before birth up to age 5.

Who Is Eligible

You may be able eligible for services if you:

  • Are pregnant and have a condition/risk that may impact your baby's health
  • Are struggling with parenting or your child's behavior
  • Are experiencing significant challenges in your family and have a child — up to age 5
  • Have a child with a disability or developmental delay — from birth to age 3
  • Have a child who is experiencing behavioral challenges or social-emotional issues — up to age 5

If Your Application Is Approved

We'll help you decide what services you need and help you access them — at low or no cost.

This could include:

  • Assessment of your child and family's situation
  • Breastfeeding support & nutrition counseling
  • Early intervention services
  • Home visits
  • Specialized child care
  • Speech, language, and vision services

How Services Are Delivered

  • Through a network of providers (e.g., nurses, early interventionists & child development specialists).
  • At your home, child care program, or other location where you're comfortable.

How To Apply

Contact your local CIS Coordinator to get started. They'll:

  • Ask you questions about your concerns and the help you're looking for.
  • Work with you to develop a plan to meet your goals.
  • Help you access the services and other resources you need.
  • Help you transition from CIS to other community services.

While you may get services from more than one program during your journey with CIS, you'll have just one main contact at any given time.

Learn More About CIS Services

Early Intervention Services
Specialized Child Care

Call right away if you have a concern. The earlier the intervention the better!