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Children's Integrated Services (CIS)

Early intervention, family support, and prevention services that help ensure the healthy development and well-being of children, from before birth up to age 6.

What Can CIS Do For You?

CIS services are available to support: 

  • Your health and well-being throughout pregnancy and postpartum.  
  • Your child’s healthy growth with speech, language, movement, vision, and hearing – from birth to age 3. 
  • Finding quality child care that supports your child’s and family’s goals and needs.  
  • The positive social and emotional development of your child – up to age 6. 

How Services Are Delivered

  • A regional team made up of local professionals (e.g., nurses, early interventionists & child development specialists) will support you in identifying what services you need and help you access them — at low or no cost.
  • Your plan for services (also referred to as a One Plan) will be documented and shared with any local professionals who work with you.
  • Services are coordinated and provided in a location comfortable to you (e.g., your home, child care, preschool, or afterschool program, etc.)
  • No matter the services you receive during your journey with CIS, you'll have only one main point of contact at any given time.

How To Connect to Services

Contact your local CIS Coordinator to get started. They'll:

  • Ask you questions about your concerns and the help you're looking for.
  • Help you access the services and other resources you need.
  • Help you transition from CIS to other community services.

Learn More About CIS Services

CIS services could include: 

Call right away if you have a concern. The earlier the intervention the better!

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