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Child Care Consumer Line

A resource for families who have questions, concerns, or complaints about child care providers in Vermont.

1-800-649-2642 (option 3)  •  •  File a complaint online

Get Information

Contact us to get information about a provider, including:

  • When they became licensed
  • If they are accredited or participate in STARS
  • Whether they’ve had any licensing violations in the past year

Voice A Concern

Let us know if you have a concern about a provider, including:

  • The lack of supervision
  • Too many children
  • Unqualified or not enough staff
  • Inappropriate discipline
  • Unsafe environment

Register A Formal Complaint

Contact us if you want to register a formal complaint about a provider/program.

Here's what will happen if you do:

  1. A licensing field specialist will conduct an investigation. This may include:
    • an unannounced visit
    • interviews with the child care provider, other families, and community agencies
    • contacting you
  2. At the end of the investigation, they'll determine whether the evidence shows that child care regulations were violated.
  3. If any violations are substantiated:
    • A program improvement plan or other corrective action may be required.
    • The child care provider has the right to appeal.

Learn More

Read the Child Care Consumer Line brochure.