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Flood Resources

Important information and assistance

CDD Central Office Staff

Deputy Commissioner’s Office

Janet McLaughlin, Deputy Commissioner - (802) 241-3110
Rachel Smith, Administrative Services Coordinator III - (802) 241-0825

Operations Unit

Karolyn Long, Operations Director, (802) 279-4019
Vacant, Business Applications Support Manager
Vacant, Business Applications Support Specialist
Dragica Gagulic, BFIS Functional Coordinator, (802) 241-0807
Chris Mack, BFIS Administrative Services Coordinator II, (802) 241-0814
Amy Shaefer, Data Analyst and Information Administrator, (802) 798-9332
Vacant, Process and Performance Analyst
Erik Post, Senior Process and Performance Analyst, (802) 241-0821
Vacant, PDG Process and Performance Analyst
Stephen Ames, CDDIS Administrative Services Coordinator II
Holly Peake, CDDIS Administrative Services Coordinator II

Policy Unit

Chris Case, Director of Policy & Planning, (802) 798-4376
Dawn Rouse, Director of Statewide Systems, (802) 798-4241
Natalie Nachtigal, CDD Process/Policy Administrator, (802) 989-9685
Vacant, CDD Process/Policy Administrator
Vacant, Communications Coordinator II

Child Care Financial Assistance Program

Emily Hazard, Child Care Financial Assistance Program Administrator, (802) 241-0822
Kimberly Bruder, Child Care Grant Monitor, (802) 585-0706
Beth Tofel-Grehl, Child Care Grant Monitor, (802) 557-7555
Vacant, DCF Senior Quality Control Specialist
Robert Williams, Program Integrity (Fraud) Investigator, (802) 585-9121
Melissa VanBuskirk, Administrative Services Coordinator II, (802) 241-0813

Child Care Licensing

    Elizabeth Maurer, Director of Child Care Licensing, (802) 735-6009
    Jonathan Boyd, Child Care Licensing Supervisor, (802) 585-6090
    Kelly Lyford, Child Care Licensing Supervisor, (802) 279-1229
    Donna Monroe Lopiccolo, Child Care Licensing Supervisor, (802) 595-2533
    Vacant, Child Care Licensing Supervisor
    Vacant, Administrative Services Coordinator II

    Child Care Licensing - Field Specialists

    Contact your licensor for questions about child care regulations or practices.
    See the list of who covers what area.

    Stacey Guertin, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 398-5300
    Erin Canniff, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 585-4482
    Elaine Crawford, Licensing Field Specialist II, (802) 793-6350
    Sarah Crosier, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 585-8001
    Sara Fitts-Pratt, Licensing Field Specialist II, (802) 585-0099
    Carrie Knight, Licensing Field Specialist II, (802) 585-8120
    Ellen Livingston, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 318-6649
    Heather Purinton, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 585-6088
    Robin Rielly, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 798-9092
    Bridget Sheldrick, Licensing Field Specialist II, (802) 595-3756
    Ann Sparrow, Licensing Field Specialist II, (802) 760-9087
    Amy Hall, Licensing Field Specialist I, (802) 598-0528 

    Child Care Licensing - Technicians

    Contact your technician for questions about the processing of a registration, license, or criminal records check. See the list of who covers your area.

    Vacant, Child Care Business Technician
    Vacant, Child Care Business Technician
    Tracy Ferrell, Child Care Business Technician, (802) 798-9089
    Tiffany Le, Child Care Business Technician, (802) 241-0810
    Lacey Osborne, Child Care Business Technician, (802) 585-4995

    Children's Integrated Services

    Keith Williams, CIS Director, (802) 241-0828
    Julia Wayne, CIS Personnel Development Coordinator, (802) 760-0153
    Ann Dillenbeck, Program Improvement Manager, (802) 760-0412
    Leslie Davis, Part C Program Administrator, (802) 585-9652
    Jill Pearl, Specialized Child Care Administrator, (802) 734-9352
    Maria White, CIS Home Visiting Coordinator, (802) 904-3063
    Vacant, CIS Family Engagement Coordinator
    Samantha Higgins-Parrales, Data and Reporting Coordinator, (802) 241-0157

    State Head Start Collaboration Office

    Renee Kelly, Head Start State Collaboration Office Director, (802) 585-8088

    Statewide Systems & Community Collaborations

    Rey Garofano, Child Care Quality Program Administrator, (802) 585-8042
    Vacant, PDG Early Childhood and Afterschool System Specialist
    Helen Mattheis, Early Childhood and Afterschool Systems Specialist, (802) 760-9800
    Lynne Robbins, Early Childhood and Afterschool Systems Specialist, (802) 241-0823
    Vacant, PDG Child Care Quality Program Administrator
    Margaret Barch-Pearsall, ARPA Communications and Outreach Coordinator, (802) 760-9327
    Jacek Deptula, ARPA Business Services Specialist II, (802) 904-3040
    Vacant, ARPA Business Application Support Specialist
    Vacant, PDG Business Application Support Specialist
    Vacant, PDG CDD Process/Policy Administrator