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Resources for CDD Grantees & Vendors

Information and forms for CDD contractors and grantees/subrecipients.

Dept of Economic Development

Vermont Business Registry
All postings for Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Grant Applications (RFGA).

Dept of Finance & Management

Grants FAQ
Frequently-asked questions for grant recipients.

Subrecipient Annual Report
A report that must be completed as a condition of getting a federally-funded grant from the State of Vermont.

Subrecipient Annual Report Questions
Who, when and why subrecipients have to file an annual report.

Dept of Buildings and General Services (BGS)

Office of Purchasing & Contracting
The Office of Purchasing & Contracting information and resources.

Doing Business with the State of Vermont
The State’s requirements and tips for doing business with Vermont state agencies.

Office of the State Treasurer

Payment Information Portal
Register to view the status of grant payments and contract invoices.


UEI Request & SAM Registration
Request a UEI (Unique Entity ID) to receive funding from the State and register with SAM to be eligible to receive federal funding from the State or apply for federal funding.

Other Forms

ACH Authorization Form 
Request for direct deposit for State payments.

IRS Form (W-9)
Request for taxpayer number and certification.