Resources for CDD Vendors and Grantees

General Contract & Grants Information & Resources

State of Vermont Grant Guidelines & Procedures
Department of Finance and Management grant information and resources

General Grants FAQ
Frequently asked questions by grantees and subrecipients

Common Subrecipient Annual Report FAQ
Who, when and why subrecipients have to file an annual report

AoA Office of Purchasing & Contracting
The Office of Purchasing & Contracting information and resources

Doing Business with the State of Vermont
The State’s requirements and tips for doing business with Vermont state agencies 

Vendor Portal (View Payment Status)
Register and monitor the status of grant payments and contract invoices

CDD Programmatic and Financial Grant Monitoring
CDD procedures for monitoring grant activities and funding.

DUNS/SAM Information
How to apply for a DUNS number and register with SAM – Required for grants and contracts 


IRS Form (W-9)  -  Request for Taxpayer Number and Certification 

ACH Authorization Form -  Request for direct deposit for State payments

CDD Request For Payment Form - Request for State payments

CDD Centralized Payment Processing System -  CDD’s portal for submitting invoices and grant payments

CDD Financial Report (Excel) - CDD's form for submitting financial reporting information

Subrecipient Annual Report -  State of Vermont Subrecipient Annual Report. 


November 18, 2019 Memo to current Grantees and Contractors

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