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Vermont Child Protection Registry

A database of substantiated child abuse & neglect reports since January 1, 1992.

When DCF investigates a report of child abuse or neglect, we must decide whether a reasonable person would believe that it happened. If the answer is YES, the report is substantiated.

How To Challenge A Substantiation

How To Request An Expungement

How To Request A Protection Registry Check

What happens when someone is substantiated?

Their name is added to the Child Protection Registry unless they challenge the substantiation and get it overturned.

What's in a registry record?

  • The person's name
  • At least one other fact to help identify them (e.g., date of birth)
  • The date & nature of the finding
  • A child protection level related to their risk of future harm to children — for all records added on or after July 1, 2009

How can a registry record affect someone?

It could affect their ability to:

  • Adopt a child
  • Become a child care provider
  • Provide foster/respite care
  • Work or volunteer in positions involving children, youth or vulnerable adults

Is a registry record permanent?

As long as the person is NOT required to be on the Sex Offender Registry, they may request a review to have their name expunged (removed) from the registry once it's been on a certain number of years.

May the public access the registry?

No. They may not access the registry.

Who may access the registry?

  1. Individuals who believe they've been substantiated for child abuse/neglect.
  2. Employers considering whether to hire/retain an individual to provide care, custody, treatment, transportation or supervision of children or vulnerable adults.

Read the statute to see who else can access the registry.

Where can I learn more?

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