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Related Boards & Councils

Boards and councils that are required by statute, rule, executive order, or policy.

Act 264 - State Interagency Team

Act 264, a law on behalf of children and adolescents experiencing severe emotional disturbance and their families, created a State Interagency Team (SIT) to function as a backup to the Local Interagency Teams.

Council for Equitable Youth Justice

Vermont's advisory board for reducing racial disparities in youth justice, improving the youth justice system, and preventing delinquency in Vermont.

Children’s Justice Act Task Force

Oversees the allocation of Children's Justice Act funds in Vermont.

Facility Planning for Justice Involved Youth

Provides regular input on the planning, design, development, and implementation of the temporary stabilization facility for youth and on the development of a long-term plan for the high-end system of care.  

Vermont Citizen's Advisory Board

Advises DCF on policies, practices and procedures related to child protection in Vermont.

Vermont Interagency Coordinating Council

Vermont's advisory council related to Children's Integrated Services (CIS) / Early Intervention Program (known as Part C of the IDEA).

Weatherization Policy Advisory Council

Advises DCF’s Weatherization Program on their state plan and annual weatherization budget.

Youth Advisory Board

Gives youth in foster care and alumni the opportunity to have a voice.