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GA Emergency Housing Work Group

The work group's goal is to develop, and agree on, a plan to transition from expanded emergency housing to a sustainable emergency housing program by the end of fiscal year 2022.

The Plan

The plan will include:

  1. A strategy for using federal funds.
  2. Policy changes required to the GA Housing Plan and a budget and timeline for implementation.
  3. Consideration of the capacity of organizations and communities to implement.
  4. Proposals for addressing identified constraints.
  5. Consideration of prioritizing vulnerable populations, including those facing catastrophic situations.

Recordings of Meetings

Work Group Members

  • AHS - Jenney Samuelson, Sarah Truckle
  • BROC Community Action- Tom Donahue
  • Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity - Paul Dragon
  • DCF - Nicole Tousignant, Sarah Phillips, Katarina Lisaius
  • Department of Housing and Community Development - Josh Hanford, Shaun Gilpin
  • Groundworks Collaborative - Josh Davis
  • Upper Valley Haven - Michael Redmond
  • Vermont Coalition to End Homelessness - Martin Hahn
  • Vermont Legal Aid - Maryellen Griffin
  • Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence - Kara Casey