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Guide To Our Divisions

DCF has six divisions that deliver our main programs and services.

Child Development Division CDD ensures access to quality child care & development services.
Disability Determination Services DDS determines medical eligibility for federal disability benefits.
Economic Services Division ESD helps individuals and families to meet their basic needs.
Family Services Division FSD ensures the safety and well-being of children and youth.
Office of Child Support OCS helps parents & guardians with issues related to child support.
Office of Economic Opportunity OEO supports the provision of needed services to low-income Vermonters.

Abuse Prevention Family Services Division
Adoption Family Services Division
Benefits Call Center Economic Services Division
Child Care Child Development Division
Child Development Child Development Division
Child Safety & Protection Family Services Division
Child Support Office of Child Support
Children's Integrated Services Child Development Division
Custody Issues Family Services Division
Disability Determination Disability Determination Services
Economic Benefits Economic Services Division
EBT / 3SquaresVT Economic Services Division
Fuel Assistance Economic Services Division
Foster Care Family Services Division
Reach Up Economic Services Division
Weatherization Assistance Office of Economic Opportunity
Youth Justice Family Services Division