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Reach Up

Reach Up can help you to set and reach short and long-term goals that will enable you to financially support your minor, dependent children.

Watch a quick video or see the full 20-minute video about how the Reach Up program supports goal achievement.

Who Is Eligible

Eligibility depends on:

  • Your household income & living expenses.
  • The value of the things you own or are paying for.
  • Who lives in your home.

If Your Application Is Approved

You will get:

  • Services and case management to help you reach goals related to your education, employment, finances, health, housing,safety, training, well-being, and more.
  • Monthly cash payments to help with basics like food, clothes, housing, and utilities.

If you'll likely need help for four months or less, you may get Reach First instead.

How To Apply

  1. Apply one of the following ways:
    ONLINE: Use our online application.
    BY MAIL: Call 1-800-479-6151 to request a paper application.
    IN PERSON: Apply in person at your local district office.

  2. Participate in an interview by phone or in person.

Additional Benefits

If you get Reach Up:

When Your Benefit Closes

We'll automatically enroll you in Reach Ahead if you're eligible. 

Where To Learn More

Resources for Reach Up Partners

We join families on their journey to overcome obstacles, explore opportunities, improve their finances, and reach their goals.

Families are empowered, connected and thriving.