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Reach Up

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Reach Up joins families on their journey to overcome obstacles, explore opportunities, improve their finances and reach their goals. 

How we do this

We help eligible parents gain job skills and find work so they can support their minor, dependent children. If they will likely no longer need help in four months (or less), they will get Reach First.

Who is eligible

Eligibility depends on:

  • Your household income & living expenses
  • The value of the things you own or are paying for
  • Who lives in your home

The benefits available

  • Services that support work
  • Case management to help you reach your goals
  • Monthly cash payments to help you pay for necessities like food, clothing, housing and utilities

BONUS: If you get Reach Up, you could also get FREE weatherization services!

How to apply

  1. Apply one of the following ways:
    ONLINE: Click here to go to our online application.
    BY MAIL: Call 1-800-479-6151 or visit a district office to get a paper application.
    IN PERSON: Apply in person at your local district office.

  2. Participate in an interview.
    You’ll have to complete an interview, by phone or in person, before we can make a decision about your eligibility. We' ll inform you about the process after you apply.

What happens when my grant closes

If eligible, we'll automatically enroll you in Reach Ahead. You won’t have to fill out an application or enrollment form to start getting benefits. You might have to complete a review at some point to keep getting them.

Learn more/get answers to your questions

How it works

  1. If you're eligible for Reach Up, we'll assess your strengths and readiness for work. We'll talk about your skills and abilities, any training that might help you become self-sufficient, and any challenges that make it difficult for you to work  (e.g., lack of child care or transportation). 
  2. You and your case manager will create a Family Development Plan (FDP) that maps out your work goals and the steps you'll take to achieve them (e.g., job search, training, or on-the-job training).
  3. As you progress, you’ll update the plan together.

Other things you need to know

Work Requirement: You'll need to spend a certain number of hours a week either working or participating in approved activities that lead to a job.  Your case manager will explain your work requirement to you.

Cash Assistance: Your Reach Up cash assistance will be deposited directly into your bank account through direct deposit. If you don't have a bank account, you'll receive your cash assistance on an EBT card. Click here to learn how the card works and where it can be used.

Lifetime Limits: Click here to learn about lifetime limits for Reach Up benefits.

Families will be empowered, connected and thriving.