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Reach Ahead

Part of the Reach Up family of programs, Reach Ahead can help you transition from Reach Up or Post-Secondary Education (PSE) to work.

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible, your family must:

  • Live in Vermont.
  • Include a minor child.
  • Have a Reach Up or PSE benefit that closed sometime in the last six months.
  • Include at least one adult who meets the work requirement through paid employment.
  • Have not exceeded the lifetime limit for Reach Ahead (24 months).

The Help Available

Reach Ahead may provide the following for up to 24 months:

  • Support to help you keep a job (e.g., help paying for car repairs, work clothes, and work supplies).
  • The maximum child care subsidy available.
  • A cash benefit to help you buy food: $50 a month for the first 12 months, $5 a month for the next 12.

How To Apply

If you're eligible, we'll automatically enroll you in Reach Ahead when your Reach Up or PSE benefit closes. 

Additional Benefits

If you get Reach Ahead, you may also be eligible for:

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