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Fuel Assistance

Helps pay part of your home heating bills — whether you own your home or rent, pay for heat directly or as part of rent.

Who Is Eligible

  • You may be eligible if your gross household income is equal to or less than 185% of the federal poverty level based on household size.
  • Some people in your home may not be part of your fuel household (e.g., a caretaker or roomer). We won't count their incomes when we determine if you are eligible. But you'll need to list them on the application form.   

If Your Application Is Approved

We'll pay a portion of your home heating bills. How your benefit is paid will depend on your primary fuel type and whether you pay directly or as part of rent.

Additional Benefit

Once you are an active Seasonal Fuel Assistance household, you are also eligible for FREE weatherization services.

How To Apply

  • If you got Fuel Assistance last season: We'll send you an annual review form to complete.
  • If you did not get Fuel Assistance last season: Apply one of these ways:

Where To Get Fuel

Get a list of fuel dealers certified with Seasonal Fuel Assistance. Firewood/wood pellet suppliers don't have to be certified. Benefits will be paid directly to eligible applicants.

Where To Learn More

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Fuel Advocates

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Fuel Dealers
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