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Child-Only Reach Up

Child-Only Reach Up provides cash assistance to help eligible adults care for the minor, dependent children of relatives or family friends.   

How these situations happen

These situations, known as kinship care, can happen when the parents are:

  • Deceased
  • Separated from their children for long periods of time— either by choice or circumstance (e.g., substance abuse, incarceration, mental illness, extreme physical illness, or military deployment)
  • Unwilling or unable to provide their children with safe, appropriate care

It can happen through both informal and formal arrangements (e.g., legal guardianship or legal custody).

Who is eligible


  • Under 18
  • Not receiving SSI
  • Not in foster care
  • With little or no income of their own
  • Living with and being cared for by someone other than a biological, step or adoptive parent, including:
    • Relatives (e.g., grandparents, older siblings and cousins)
    • Non-related adults who have a family-like bond with the children and parents

The help available

Eligible caretakers receive monthly cash assistance (called a caretaker grant).

How to apply

You can apply one of three ways:

  1. ONLINE: Click here to go to our online application.
  2. BY MAIL: Call 1-800-479-6151 or visit a district office to get a paper application.
  3. IN PERSON: Apply in person at your local district office.
Special instructions for answering questions on the paper application (ESD202) - if the only program you're applying for is a child-only Reach Up grant:

Question 1. Write your information here.
Question 2: Check the Reach Up box.  Write "child-only" next to the Reach Up box if using a paper application.
Question 3: Answer this question for yourself.
Question 6: 

  • For Person #1: Write your own information here.  Under Applying For, check "None".
  • For Person #2: Write the information for the child you are applying for.  Under Applying For, check "Reach Up".  Write in "child-only" next to the Reach Up box if using a paper application.
  • Other Persons:  List all other people living in the home.  Under Applying For, check "None" for everyone else in the household.

Reach Up icon Other Questions:

  • Answer questions 9 -15, 20, 33 and 34 as if you were the child.
  • To get the maximum benefit to help support the child, answer that the child pays you rent at $540/month under Question 39. AShelter Statement - Form 202H is no longer required for Reach Up; however, you can complete one if you feel more comfortable.
  • You do not have to complete any other questions but you do need to sign the application.

Other Situations:

  • If you are applying online, please indicate that you are applying for a child-only Reach Up grant in the comments section.
  • If you are applying  for other programs in addition to a child-only grant, please contact us by phone or in person (see below) for advice on completing the application.

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