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A federal USDA program that helps you put healthy foods on your table every day!

Read important update about extra 3SquaresVT benefits ending in mid-March.

vegetablesWho Is Eligible

You may be eligible if:

You may still qualify if your income is over limit if your household includes someone 60+ or with a disability. But we'll consider the resources you own (with a few exceptions, like your home and certain retirement accounts).

If Your Application Is Approved

You’ll get money every month you can use to buy food at many stores & farmers markets.

  • If anyone is under 65, your benefits will be added to a Vermont EBT Card.
  • If everyone is 65 or older or receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), your benefits will be deposited as cash into your bank account.

How To Apply

  1. Print Form 202 or call 1-800-479-6151 to request a copy.
  2. Complete and sign it.
  3. Submit it by:

Additional Benefits

If you get 3SquaresVT:

Where To Learn More