The Vermont EBT Card

VT EBT CardThe Vermont EBT card is how you’ll receive many of your benefits (food & cash) from the Economic Services Division. This includes benefits such as 3SquaresVT, Emergency Assistance, Essential Person,  and Reach Up.

How It Works

  1. We send you an EBT card.
  2. You select a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you’ll need every time you use your card.
  3. Your benefits are added to your card on the same date each month depending on the program — even if it falls on a weekend or holiday. 
  4. When you use your card to buy goods or get cash, your account balance decreases accordingly.

Where You Can Use Your EBT Card

YQUEST Logoou can use your EBT Card at participating stores, ATMs, and farmers’ markets and anywhere you see the QUEST® logo.

RESTRICTIONS: You cannot use an ATM or make purchases using your cash benefits at any casino,  gaming establishment, liquor store or strip club. Any benefits used at restricted locations will have to be repaid.

More Details

How To Use Your EBT Card
Frequently-Asked Questions

EBT Customer Service

Call EBT Customer Service (24/7) at 1-800-914-8605 if you:

  • Want to report your card as lost, stolen or damaged
  • Want to select a PIN
  • Have questions or problems using your card
  • Need special accommodations because of a disability
  • Have limited English and need help understanding this information

EBT Customer Website

You can go to the ebtEdge website to get your account balance, transaction history, and other information about your EBT account.

Your 4-Digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  • If this is your first card, please call 1-800-914-8605 toll free and use the automated system to select your PIN.
  • If this is a replacement card, your current PIN will still work. 
  • If you don’t remember your PIN or you want to change it, call 1-800-914-8605 to select a new one.

Don’t write your PIN on your card.  Keep it secret.  Don’t tell anyone! 

If someone knows your PIN and uses your card to get your benefits, those benefits will not be replaced.

EBT Brochure

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.