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3SquaresVT in a Snap!

snap peasComing October 1, 2020!

This new program will offer older & disabled Vermonters an easier way to get and keep 3SquaresVT — a federal USDA program that helps put healthy, nutritious foods on the table.

Who this is for

You'll qualify if EVERYONE applying is:

  • At least 60 years old or getting disability benefits,
  • Not earning income from a job or self employment, AND
  • Buying food and making meals together.

What you'll get if you qualify

  • Apply using a simpler, shorter application that also lets you apply for Fuel Assistance.
  • Keep your benefits for three years with no additional paperwork. No annual reviews!

Making it easier for you to eat healthy and live strong with a little help from 3SquaresVT!

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