Micro Business Development Program (MBDP)

The MBDP helps low to moderate-income Vermonters start and grow micro businesses. These are businesses that employ less than five people and generate less than $25,000 in annual revenue. 

The Help Available

You'll get opportunities to:

  • Network with other business owners
  • Use our technology resource center
  • Take classes and workshops on topics such as writing a business plan, building your credit score, record keeping, tax planning, and setting the right price for your product or service
  • Meet one-on-one with an experienced business counselor who can help you:
    • Think through your business idea
    • Discuss how ready you are to run a business
    • Teach you essential business skills
    • Create a business plan
    • Connect you to other helpful resources
    • Get your credit in order
    • Apply for business funding
    • Develop a marketing plan
    • Much more

How To Apply

To find out if MBDP is right for you, contact your local  Community Action Agency.

If you've ever thought about starting or expanding a small business, MBDP might be able to help! Make money doing what you love. 

Contact Us

Sarah Phillips, Director
Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
280 State Drive
Waterbury, VT - 05671-1050
Phone: (802) 241-0935

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