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Child Support Services

Child support services are available FREE to parents & guardians who sign up.

The Services Available

The Vermont Office of Child Support (OCS) can help you to:

Who Is Eligible

All parents and guardians with:

  • Children who are under 18 or still in high school.
  • Children over 18 if they are owed past-due, court-ordered child support.

There are no income guidelines to meet!

Safely Pursuing Child Support

When parents experience domestic violence, safety is a primary concern, especially if they decide to pursue child support. Survivors need safe opportunities to disclose information to their child support office. OCS and its partners help parents to safeguard sensitive information. Adjusting child support services to meet the survivor’s circumstances or risks helps give peace of mind and access to greater financial stability.

Visit our Safely Pursing Child Support page, contact our Customer Call Center at 1-800-786-3214, or email to learn about:

  • the safety precautions that can be taken,
  • how your address information can be protected, and
  • how your case can be handled differently.

How To Sign Up

  1. Download the application to your computer.
  2. Complete it electronically or by hand.
  3. Check and sign it.
  4. Submit it one of these ways:
    • Email it to
    • Drop it off at a regional office.
    • Mail it to the address on the form.

Learn More

          If you have questions or want to request a printed copy of the application:

Sign Up For Child Support