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Specialized Child Care

Provides vulnerable children & families with quality care and supports that help strengthen their families and promote their children's development. 

Benefits Of Becoming Specialized

Becoming an SCC provider comes with benefits, including:

  • Making a difference for vulnerable children and families in Vermont.
  • Allows you to provide care to children and families who have an open case with the Family Services Division (FSD) of the Department for Children and Families, including children who are in foster care.
  • Additional 10% of the child care financial assistance payment for any child with a specialized child care financial assistance need.
  • Priority access to some trainings.
  • Access to funding opportunities.

Where To Start

  1. To apply to become a specialized child care program you must meet the following requirements:
    1. Be licensed or registered and in good standing with the Child Development Division.
    2. Have 3 or more STARS.
  2. Contact your local Specialized Child Care Coordinator for next steps.