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Manage Your Program's Information

The Bright Futures Information System (BFIS) is the place for licensees and directors to access and manage their program's child care licensing information.

Set Up Account, Login

Create a Child Care Program Account

Login to your Account

Use Your Account

Use your child care program account to:

  • Complete an application/reapplication
  • View and print documents
  • Request a variance
  • Update a referral agreement
  • Submit an incident report
  • Add staff or associated parties



If you need help accessing your account, contact the BFIS Help Desk:

Report BFIS Error

To make a report of an BFIS error message, email the details below to the BFIS Help Desk:

  • Your name & role
  • Description of what you were doing before & during the error
  • Screen capture/shot of the error message