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Pay For Child Care

The cost of child care is an issue for many Vermont families within a wide range of income levels. 

Child Care Financial Assistance Program

The Child Care Financial Assistance Program can help your family pay for child care if you have an accepted need for the care, meet the income guidelines, and live in Vermont.

Child Tax Benefits

There are several federal and state tax credits that can reduce your taxes and free up money for child care. You may qualify if you work, have children living with you, and meet the income guidelines.

If you have an accountant, ask if you qualify for any of the tax credits below. If you do your own taxes, find out if you qualify for free tax preparation services from your local community action agency or through the IRS's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

Available Credits

See the Vermont Department of Taxes for information about child-related tax credits. Credits include:

  • Vermont Child Tax Credit: Provides financial support to full and part-year resident Vermont families with young children.
  • Vermont Child and Dependent Care Credit: Tax relief to full- and part-year Vermont residents who earn income and pay dependent care expenses.
    • Please Note: Federal law prohibits disclosure by the Child Development Division of private information such as social security numbers (SSN) and employer identification numbers (EIN). For information about obtaining your child care provider's SSN or EIN, please visit the IRS's website.
  • Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): This is a benefit for working people with low to moderate incomes.

    Other Help With Child Care Costs

    • Ask your child care provider if they offer any scholarships or rates based on the ability to pay.
    • Ask your employer if they offer any help.