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FSD Services For Youth

The Family Services Division (FSD) is Vermont's youth justice agency.

Supports & Services

FSD provides supports and services to three groups of youth and their families:

  1. Youth at risk of harming themselves or others
  2. Youth on juvenile probation
  3. Youth/young adults on youthful offender status

What This Involves

  • Conducting youth assessments
  • Developing plans for services
  • Supervising youth on probation and youthful offender status
  • Regulating facilities for youth
  • Making sure regulated facilities comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Learn More About Our Work

DCF filed the EEOP Utilization Report with the Department of Justice as a requirement of receiving Juvenile Justice Awards. It analyzes relevant labor market data and our employment practices to identify possible barriers to the participation of women and minorities in all levels of our workforce.

Balanced & Restorative Justice

The BARJ Program provides supports to youth who are involved with, or are at-risk of becoming involved with, the juvenile justice system in Vermont.

Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs

The CFCPP is the State Advisory Board for youth justice, delinquency, and primary prevention in Vermont.