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Children Waiting for Adoptive Families

To be considered a prospective adoptive family for a waiting child, you must have a current, approved adoption homestudy or Vermont foster care license.

All waiting children have experienced some degree of abuse, neglect, and loss. These listings are intended only as an introduction. For a fuller understanding of a specific child, follow up with the worker that's listed.

Alexis "Lexie", 15 years old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Lexie loves animals, horseback riding, watching movies and drawing. 

Aliah, 13 years old 
Aliah likes listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends, and watching scary movies. Video 1  |  Video 2  |  Video 3

Anna "Li", 13 years old
Li likes singing, dancing, art, swimming, photography, and playing on the monkey bars.

Annabelle, 9 years old
Annabelle likes coloring, playing with dolls, riding her bike, and dressing up.

Ben, 17 years old
Ben enjoys music, sports, walks, being with dogs, hanging out with friends, and shopping.

Brandon, 11 years old
Brandon enjoys reading, playing with friends, and building.

Charlie, 16 year-old
Charlie likes four wheeling, dirt bikes, remote controlled cars, fixing things, and working with power tools.

Chloe, 16 year-old
Chloe likes to read, bake and watch movies.

David, 17 year-old
David enjoys playing basketball and football, fishing, playing video games, and watching football.

Elizabeth "Lizzie", 15 year-old
Lizzie loves dogs, listening to music, and pepperoni pizza.

Ethan, 7 year-old
Ethan loves legos, fishing, riding his bike and dogs.

Eric, 13 year-old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Eric likes everything about the outdoors, especially fishing, riding bikes, skiing, and ice skating.

Gabriel, 9 year-old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Gabriel loves Paw Patrol, Magnetiles, Legos and crafts!

Haydin, 17 year-old
Haydin likes history, Legos, helping people, drawing, and watching movies.

Jace, 10 year-old 
Jace loves being active, playing games, riding his bike, swimming, and sledding.

Jacob, 17-year-old
Jacob loves hockey and is a big Boston Bruins fan. He enoys fishing, being outdoors, and riding dirt bikes.

Jeff, 12 year-old  MATCHED! ON HOLD
Jeff likes to rollerskate and likes playing both video games and outdoors, a small town or small farm is very appealing to them!

Jeremiah, 9 year-old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Jeremiah likes playing outside, fishing, and swimming as well as playing video games and drawing.

John, 16 year-old
John likes to collect Magic Cards and loves being outdoors and playing video games.

Kaleb, 14 year-old
Kaleb enjoys biking, fishing, swimming, and playing baseball.

Layla, 16 year-old 
Layla is a farm loving fan of wide open spaces, who is not afraid of working hard or getting dirty.

Linsey, 13 year-old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Linsey loves swimming, playing basketball, trying new things, and being active.

Lucas, 7 year-old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Lucas loves Elsa, footsie pajamas, and princess gowns.

Makayla, 15 year-old
Makayla loves singing and dancing, especially to pop, KPop, and rap music.

Marleigh, 9 year-old
Marleigh likes cheering, dance and playing with dolls.

Matthew, 8 year-old MATCHED! ON HOLD
Matthew likes math, board games, and playing outside.

Matthew, 11 year-old
Matthew would like to live in the country, on a farm, with a mom and dad, and younger kids.

Michael, 17 year-old
Michael likes keeping things clean and organized, gardening, and legos!  Watch a short video

Paul, 14 year-old 
Paul enjoys Legos, video games, and card games. He'd like a mom, dad, older brother, and a dog. He'd also love to have a horse or at least the opportunity to ride one.

Richard, 15 year-old
Richard likes reading, and is looking for a small town to grow and play in!

Sophia, 11 year-old   MATCHED! ON HOLD
Sophia has many interests, and is looking for a family that is into homesteading and raising chickens!

Zeke, 13 year-old
Zeke likes video games and being outdoors. Zeke is looking for a family that will be active with him. 

Zoe, 14 year-old
Zoe enjoys spending time with people and being engaged in an activity.