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Birth Families Involved With FSD

Below are resources for birth families who are involved, in some way, with the Family Services Division (FSD).

Our Responsibility

We help make sure children and youth:

  • Are safe from abuse,
  • Have their basic needs met, and
  • Have the parental care, support, and supervision required to ensure their well-being and education.

How We Work With Families

When we decide that a family needs services, we help them to:

  • Make their homes safe,
  • Keep their children home, and
  • Strengthen their families.

Learn About Our Work

Read the Parent’s Guide to DCF's Family Services Division to learn about:

  • What is happening to you and why
  • How we'll work with you and other family members
  • The laws, policies, and principles that guide our work
  • Other issues (e.g., court process)

Other FSD Publications

Publications From Other Sources