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FSD Policies


Policy 21:  Developing and Reviewing Policy and Practice Guidance

Case Records

Policy 41:  Case Notes
Policy 42:  Random Moment Time Study

Child Safety Interventions

Policy 50:  Child Abuse and Neglect Definitions
Policy 51:  Screening Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect
Policy 52:  Child Safety Interventions – Investigations and Assessments
Policy 53:  Investigating Reports of Inadequate Health Care of Infants with Disabilities
Policy 55:  Unaccepted Reports on Open Cases
Policy 56:  Substantiating Child Abuse and Neglect
Policy 57:  Risk of Harm-Sexual Abuse Investigations
Policy 60:  CHINS (C) and (D) Assessments 
Policy 61:  Responding to Domestic Violence in Child Safety Interventions
Policy 63:  Investigating Reports of Methamphetamine Manufacturing and Caretaker Meth Abuse
Policy 64:  Baby Safe Havens
Policy 65:  Substance Use Disorder Screening & Drug Testing for Caretakers
Policy 66:  Interviewing Children and Youth in DCF Custody
Policy 68:  Serious Physical Injury – Investigation and Case Consultation

Working with Youth and Families

Policy 69:  Family Support Cases –  Case Planning, Reassessment, Case Plan Updates, and Closure
Policy 70:  Frequency and Quality of Social Worker Visits
Policy 72:  Educational Achievement and Stability for Children and Youth in DCF Custody
                        FS-72A: Educational Stability Agreement Form
                        FS-72B: Educational Stability Best Interest Determination (BID) Form
Policy 73:  Protective Services Child Care
Policy 74:  Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Custody
Policy 75:  Normalcy and the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard (RPPS)
Policy 76:  Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Children and Youth
Policy 77:  Medical Care for Children and Youth in DCF Custody
Policy 78:  Assessing Expectant Parents and the Safety of Newborns on Open Cases

Working with Youth and Families in Court

Policy 80:  Working with Youth and Families in Court – Definitions
Policy 81:  Voluntary Care
Policy 82:  Juvenile Court Proceedings – CHINS
Policy 83:  Juvenile Court Proceedings – Delinquency
Policy 84:  Conditional Custody Orders
Policy 85:  Minor Guardianships Through the Probate Division of the Superior Court 
Policy 88:  Establishing Parentage Through Genetic Testing

Placing Children and Youth

Policy 90:  Placement Overview and Definitions
Policy 91:  Kinship Care and Collaboration with Relatives
Policy 92:  Sharing Resource Families Cross Jurisdictionally
Policy 93:  Kinship, Foster, and Pre-Adoptive Parent Training
Policy 94:  Foster Care Placements & Collaboration with Caregivers
Policy 95:  Respite Care
Policy 96:  Qualified Residential Treatment Programs
Policy 97:  Case Review Committee Referrals
Policy 98:  Reunification of Abused or Neglected Children and Youth
Policy 99:  Confidential Placements

Eligibility Determination

Policy 111:  Title IV-E: Determining Eligibility

Planning with Children and Families

Policy 121:  Notification of Changes for Children and Youth in DCF Custody
Policy 122:  Case Plan Reviews and Permanency Hearings for Children and Youth in Custody
Policy 123:  Reviewing Case Plan Decisions
Policy 124:  Family Time (Parent/Child Contact)
Policy 125:  Permanency Planning for Children and Youth
Policy 126:  Reinstatement of Parental Rights

Special Casework Issues

Policy 133:  Death of a Child Served by the Division
Policy 135:  Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Practice Framework
Policy 136:  Body Modification Requests by Children and Youth
Policy 137:  Anti-Psychotic Medications For Children in The Care of DCF
Policy 138:  Credit Checks for Youth 14 and Older in DCF Custody
Policy 140:  Standby and Call-In

Coordinating with Others

Policy 150:  Transportation of Children and Youth in DCF Custody
Policy 152:  Empaneled Multidisciplinary Child Protection Teams
Policy 154:  Children and Youth in DCF Custody Requiring Mental Health Screening, Mental Health Placement, or Psychiatric Hospitalization
Policy 155:  Runaway, Abducted and Missing Children and Youth
Policy 156:  Collaboration with Corrections Staff
Policy 157:  Records and Information Sharing
Policy 158:  Case Consultations with Central Office
Policy 159:  Foster and Kinship Parent Safety

Working with Adolescents and Justice-Involved Youth

Policy 160: Supporting Adolescents in DCF Custody
Policy 161: Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI)
Policy 162: Juvenile Probation
Policy 163: Engaging and Supporting Victims and Impacted Parties
Policy 164: Youthful Offender Status
Policy 165: Sealing of Juvenile Records
Policy 175: Substance Use Testing, Screening, and Treatment for Youth

Interstate Compacts

Policy 180:  Interstate Placements: Definitions
Policy 181:  Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
Policy 182:  Interstate Compact on Juveniles

Adoption and Guardianship Services

Policy 192:  Disclosure of Information Before Adoption Finalization
Policy 193:  Adoption Assistance Program
Policy 194:  Release of Information by the Adoption Registry
Policy 195:  Guardianship Assistance Program
Policy 196:  Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

Supervision and Training

Policy 201:  Supervision of Social Work Staff & Social Work Supervisors
Policy 203:  Professional Development for Division Staff

Transferring Cases

Policy 211:  Transfers Between District Offices

Residential Licensing and Special Investigations (RLSI)

Policy 220:  Role and Functions of RLSI
Policy 221:  Foster Care Licensing
Policy 222:  Foster Care Interventions
Policy 224:  Child Care by Resource Families
Policy 225:  Fire Safety in Foster Homes
Policy 231:  Licensing Child Placing Agencies
Policy 233:  Variances for Agency Approved Foster Homes
Policy 241:  Licensing Residential Treatment Programs and Interventions

Staff Safety, Well-Being, and Resiliency

Policy 250:  Reporting and Responding to Staff Safety Threats
Policy 251:  Staff Safety in Homes and the Community
Policy 252:  Staff Safety During Removals
Policy 255:  HOPE (Helping Our Peers Excel) Team

Administrative Issues

Policy 262:  Conflicts of Interest
Policy 264:  Responding to Incidents
Policy 265:  Complaints
Policy 267:  Vendor Authorizations
Policy 268:  Foster Parent Reimbursement
Policy 269:  Second Hand Smoke 
Policy 270:  Damage Claim Expenses
                        FS-270: Damage Claim Form

Federal Assurances

Policy 300:  Title IV-E Program
Policy 301:  Civil Rights Methods of Administration
Policy 302:  Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) Proper Access, Use, and Dissemination
Policy 303:  Child Fatality and Near Fatality Public Disclosure
Policy 305:  Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Data Collection, Review, and Reporting