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Interstate Compact on Placement of Children

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) facilitates the placement, across state lines, of children and youth who meet certain criteria.

As a member of the compact, Vermont follows ICPC regulations and procedures.

When The Compact Applies

The compact applies when a child or youth:

  • Is under the jurisdiction of a juvenile court by way of a child protection proceeding.
  • Has a delinquency proceeding with custody going to someone other than the child’s legal parent.
  • Is being placed for the purpose of adoption.
  • Is being placed by the parents for residential mental health and behavioral treatment.

ICPC Website
Form 100A - Placement Request (scroll to bottom of page)
Instructions for Completing Form 100A (scroll to bottom of page)
Form 100B - Report on Child's Placement Status (scroll to bottom of page)
Instructions for Completing Form 100B (scroll to bottom of page)

Link to Statute


    Patricia "Trissie" Casanova, Deputy Compact Administrator
    DCF - Family Services Division
    280 State Drive
    Waterbury, VT 05671-2401
    (802) 735-6104,

    Contact the Deputy Compact Administrator if you are a Vermont resident thinking about placing your child in another state for the purpose of residential treatment or adoption or a resident of another state considering placing a child in Vermont for these purposes.