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The Meaning of Stars

STARS Recognition

Child care providers may apply for STARS recognition in four areas:

  1. Staff qualifications and training.
  2. Support of children, families, and communities.
  3. Program assessment and improvement.
  4. Operating policies and business practices.

What Each Star Means

One Star star icon
Has a full license based on the appropriate child care licensing regulations.

Two Starsstar iconstar icon
Are making a commitment to strengthen their practices. They may have made some progress in many areas or more progress in one or two areas.

Three Stars star iconstar iconstar icon
Have made improvements and are working to reach specific goals. They have either made substantial progress in two or three areas or have made some improvements across all four areas.

Four Stars star iconstar iconstar iconstar icon
Have met several standards of quality in all four areas. Many four-star programs are also nationally accredited.

Five Stars star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon
Are outstanding in all four areas. Many five-star programs are also nationally accredited.