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Requests From Out-Of-State Employers

Vermont law allows employers & employment agencies to request a registry check to determine whether to hire/retain an individual to provide care, custody, treatment, transportation or supervision of children or vulnerable adults.

Who may I request a search on?

  • A current employee, volunteer, grantee or contractor.
  • An individual to whom you've given a conditional offer of a contract, volunteer position, or employment.

How do I request a search?

  1. Have the individual you're requesting a search for complete the Request for a Child Protection Registry Check: SELF.
  2. Have the form notarized by an official notary public.
  3. Mail the completed form, by US Postal Service, to the address at the bottom of the form or clearly scan and email the completed form to:
  4. If they've chosen to get the results by mail, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If they've requested the results to be emailed, check the box on the form to return the results by email and clearly write the email address.

What happens next?

  1. If you're entitled to a search, we'll do our best to complete it within 25 business days.
  2. We'll notify you of our findings in writing.
  3. If the individual is found on the registry, we'll tell you the date and nature of the finding and notify the individual.

Where can I get more information?

Read the Registry Protocol for Out-of-State and Screening/Placement Organizations.

Department for Children and Families
Child Protection Registry
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HC 1 North, Building B
Waterbury, VT  05671-1080
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