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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers help us gather the information that's legally required to determine disability claims.

We rely on healthcare providers to:

  1. Send us the medical information we need to determine disability claims submitted by their patients.
  2. Conduct special examinations when we require additional medical information.

Submit medical information to DDS

If you’re involved in direct patient care, we may ask you to send us copies of a patient’s treatment records and reports. This may include:

  • Medical evidence of the diagnoses.
  • Exam findings and test results.
  • Available information about the effects of the impairments on the person’s ability to function.

If you submit the requested records within 21 days from the date on the letter we sent you, you may get a $20 expedite fee.

Read about Electronic Records Express — a quick and easy way to submit these records securely.

Conduct special examinations for DDS

To consult for DDS, you must:

  • Have a current license in Vermont.
  • Have the training and experience needed to perform the type of examination or test requested.
  • Not be barred from participating in our programs.
  • Have the equipment necessary to adequately assess and record the existence and severity of the individual's alleged impairments.

Read about conducting special examinations for DDS.

Learn more

Contact our Professional Relations Officer at 1-800-734-2463 or via email.