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Child Development Division (CDD)

The Child Development Division's goal is to increase access to high-quality services that are developmentally beneficial for children and strengthen families. We do this by working with programs within communities to coordinate and deliver services that meet families' needs.

We are looking for your help!

The State of Vermont is conducting a survey of the wages, benefits, credentials, and other characteristics of the Vermont Early Childhood and Afterschool workforce.  If you are part of the child care, early childhood, Children’s Integrated Services, afterschool, primary education workforce, we need your help by completing a survey.

The goal of the current survey is to provide the VT AHS Department for Children and Families (DCF), the Agency of Education (AOE), and other Vermont stakeholders with a clear picture of the Vermont Early Childhood and Afterschool workforce. The results will help all Vermonters better understand the strengths, needs and aspirations of this critical workforce and will help DCF, AOE and partners target resources needed and desired by the workforce. We need survey responses from all professionals who work in these settings.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your responses will be anonymous in order to protect your identity and your responses are confidential. Those completing surveys by May 29, 2015 will have a chance to enter a drawing through a separate link to win one of 3 iPads.  Those completing the survey by June 19, 2015 will have another chance to win one of 3 iPads (6 in all).  (Those completing the survey by May 29 will have two chances to win!)

There are three survey links, depending on your position:

A note to program directors:  Please encourage all of your staff to participate in this important survey.  This survey is designed for individuals at all levels of the system and individual responses to the questions are extremely important.

Paper copies of the survey will be available through all regional Community Child Care Support Agencies within the next two weeks.  To find the agency in your area, go to:

The paper version of the survey is available below to print and distribute.

Copies should be returned to:
Lynne Robbins
Child Development Division,
103 So. Main St, Waterbury, VT  05671-5500.

Thank you for your valuable participation in this important project!  If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Robbins or Ben Allen at (800) 649-2642.

The survey is funded by the federal Race-To-the-Top: Early Learning Challenge Grant.

Request for Proposals - Transporation Services for Children Attending Child Care

Deadline for Proposals - June 12th, 2015

The CDD intends to enter into a formal statewide contract with one transportation provider or a coalition of collaborative self-coordinated transportation providers to provide consistent transportation services to children eligible for Specialized Child Care transportation services throughout the state, including areas currently not being served. Transportation services may be delivered by employees of the contractor or through sub-contracts with other transportation providers that can meet the requirements in Section 1.2 of this RFP.

Act 166

Act 166 Initial Guidance Packet

Act 166, passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2014, provides for publicly funded prekindergarten education for a minimum of ten hours per week for 35 weeks annually for all 3, 4 and 5 year-old children not enrolled in kindergarten. The Act has an implementation date of July 1, 2015.

This document provides  preliminary guidance in the following areas:

  • Budget Guidance
  • Frequently  Asked Questions
  • Interim Policy: Prequalification of Prekindergarten Education Programs
  • Interim Policy: Establishment and Expansion of Public School Operated Prekindergarten Programs

Act 166 Online Prequalification Application
All public and private prekindergarten education programs, including Head Start and public school operated programs, must apply for prequalification status, whether the program is an existing program or a new program. This new requirement applies to all programs seeking to provide prekindergarten education in 2015-2016 regardless of whether the school district has elected to offer universal prekindergarten education starting in 2015 or 2016. The online Prequalification application can be accessed here; instructions on filling out the form are available here.

Promise Communities

The Promise Community Initiative will provide supports, such as technical assistance from Promise Community coaches, financial supports, and information to help communities that include at least one elementary school to work together across sectors – health, education, human services and community planning. These collaborations will do ‘whatever it takes’ to improve the educational and developmental outcomes for children in their communities.

First Seven Promise Communities Selected - Press Release 4/3/2015