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Child Development Division (CDD)

The Child Development Division's goal is to increase access to high-quality services that are developmentally beneficial for children and strengthen families. We do this by working with programs within communities to coordinate and deliver services that meet families' needs.


Evaluation of Vermont's Strengthening Families Child Care Programs

Request for Proposals

Deadline for Bids is 10/3/2014

The Vermont Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division,  is seeking to establish an agreement with one or more agencies that can independently, or in partnership with collaborators, assist the DCF/CDD with its goal of evaluating the effectiveness of Strengthening Families Child Care Programs and the models of support for these programs.  Strengthening Families Child Care Programs are licensed early learning and development centers or registered home providers that are of high quality and who receive resources and support to implement program policies and practices that are comprehensive and are informed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy Strengthening Families Framework (SFF).

The proposed contract period for the Evaluation of Vermont’s Strengthening Families Child Care Programs will begin on November 1, 2014 and end on December 31, 2017. Funding for this evaluation is through the Federal Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant to the state of Vermont. Activities under this contract will be to evaluate the impact of the Strengthening Families Child Care Programs and to evaluate the models of support for these programs including:

  1. Collaborate with DCF/CDD personnel and relevant stakeholders on a thorough review of the existing Strengthening Families Child Care Center Programs to serve as a benchmark for program modifications if necessary.  Currently there are approximately 36 Strengthening Families Child Care Programs in child care centers serving over 2,000 children.
  2. Engage Vermont Birth to Three, CDD/DCF and other relevant parties in developing a model to evaluate the “hub and spoke model” of expanding the Strengthening Families Child Care Programs to registered family child care home settings.  CDD estimates that over the course of the evaluation period there will be 6 “hubs” established with approximately 60 family child care homes engaged as Strengthening Families Child Care Programs serving approximately 360 young children and families, “spokes”.
  3. In consultation with DCF/CDD and relevant parties, develop a timeline and milestones for a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the Strengthening Families Child Care Program and the models in place to support the early learning and development programs in the program.
  4. Prepare and document quarterly and bi-annual summaries of milestone activities completed or in process as well as general/relevant findings to date.
  5. Prepare and document annual management reports highlighting overall yearly progress with regards to milestones and program findings including any relevant recommendations for program improvements. 
  6. At the conclusion of the contract period, provide final cumulative program evaluation report with recommendations and observations related to the program.

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