Family Services Division (FSD)

The Family Services Division is Vermont’s child welfare and youth justice agency. We are responsible for making sure children and youth are safe, their basic needs are met, they abide by the law, and families are supported to achieve these goals.

Because Families Matter!

Engaging & Supporting Families

We want every family to succeed, and we engage with, and support, family members to make that happen. If we can do so safely, we keep children and youth at home and provide services and supports to help the family get back on track. 

When children cannot live safely at home, we first look to relatives or family friends to care for them. Living with people they know is less traumatic for children and keeps them connected— to their parents and communities. When that's not possible, non-relative foster parents step up to provide temporary, out-of-home care.

The Work We Do

I am proud of the work that we do and our staff who dedicate themselves everyday to helping children and families improve their lives.

I hope that all Vermonters will find out what they can do to help children and families in their communities. These families need our support, compassion, and help to get their lives back on track.

Cindy Walcott, Deputy Commissioner

Safety Precautions

If an employee from the Department for Children and Families visits your home, he or she is expected to be wearing or carrying a state-issued identification badge. Before you let the worker into your home:

  1. Ask to see his/her State identification badge.

  2. Ask what district office he/she works for, look up the phone number and call the office to confirm.

  3. If the worker wants to take custody of a child, ask to see the court order.

  4. If you suspect someone is impersonating a DCF worker, call your local police or 911 immediately.

  5. Follow up with a call to your local DCF Family Services District Office.