Family Services Division (FSD)

FSD is responsible for making sure children and youth:

  • Are safe from abuse;
  • Have their basic needs met (e.g., food, clothing, health care);
  • Abide by the law; and
  • Live in safe, supportive, and healthy environments.
We are committed to the safety and well-being of children and youth.

What We Do

As the agency responsible for child protection and youth justice in Vermont, we:

  • Receive reports of suspected child abuse and neglect;
  • Review reports to determine whether they can be accepted for intervention;
  • Conduct child safety assessments or investigations in response to accepted reports;
  • Help parents get the services and supports they need;
  • Place children/youth in temporary out-of-home care when needed;
  • Find permanent homes for children/youth who can’t return home safely; and
  • Provide supports and services to youth and their families: at-risk youthyouth on juvenile probation, & youthful offenders.

Our Practice Model

Our work is guided by the Family Services Practice Model. It describes what we want to accomplish with the children, youth and families we serve and how we perform that work.

Strengthening Child Protection

View reports related to the tragic deaths of two young Vermonters in 2014 and actions to keep children safe.

For More Information

To learn more about how both systems work, read A Parent’s Guide To Vermont’s Child Welfare & Youth Justice Agency.

FSD works in partnership with parents, relatives, educators, law enforcement, community-based service providers, courts, foster parents, and others. We do not do this work alone!

Safety Precautions: if a Family Services social worker visits your home, they should be wearing or carrying a state-issued identification badge. Click on a link below to learn what you can expect and what your rights are during the visit.

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