Children's Integrated Services (CIS)

CIS is a resource for pregnant or postpartum women and families with children from birth to age six. CIS can help:

Pregnant or Postpartum Women - If you have questions or concerns about a condition or risk situation that impacts your or your baby's health or safety;

Families - If you have questions or concerns about providing a stable, healthy environment for your children;

Children - If you are the parent of a child age 6 or younger, and you have questions or concerns about a suspected developmental delay or condition.

For more information about this program, read the CIS brochure.

Connect with your local CIS Team

  1. Contact your local CIS team coordinator, or
  2.  Dial 2-1-1 from anywhere in Vermont. This call is toll free. 

    Your local team coordinator will ask you questions about your concerns and any assistance you are seeking, explain your rights as a parent, and inform you about possible next steps for you and your family. Your call and the information you share about your family is confidential and won’t be shared with others without your consent.

Working with a Team

You can expect your local team to help you from the time of your call. Teams have expertise in social work and family support; maternal/child health and nursing; child development and early intervention; early childhood and family mental health; child care; and other specialties (e.g., nutrition, speech and language therapy).

Your local CIS team can:

  • Help develop an action plan for your child and family;
  • Provide resources and services and/or make referrals;
  • Support you in accessing child care and/or development programs; and
  • Help you through any transitions to other community services.

The Children’s Integrated Services Program (CIS) works in collaboration with the Vermont Integrating Family Services (IFS). Integrating Family Services brings state government and local communities together to ensure holistic and accountable planning, support and service delivery aimed at meeting the needs of Vermont’s children, youth and families.  For more information about IFS, please visit their website: