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DCF Ups & Downs
VANTAGE Narrative
www Vantage Budget Reports
DCF Outcomes Report

Departmental Reports

Act One: Community Outreach Plan for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (2009)
Annual Report on Measures to Evaluate the Success of Grants to Reduce Incarceration of At-Risk Youth (2011)
One Time Report on Publicly Funded Prekindergarten Education (2010)

Recommended Fuel Program Changes for Long-Term Sustainability

Work Supports in Vermont: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of State Policies Supporting Work (2008)

Child Development Division

Child Care Access Stabilization Report (2012)
Plan for Review of Child Care Regulations and Processess (2012)
Update on the Status of Vermont's Child Care Financial Assistance Program (2010)

Economic Services Division

Annual Report on Families’ Receipt of Reach Up Assistance in Excess of 60 Months (2012)

Annual Report on Vermont's Reach Up Program (2012)
Effectiveness of Reach First, Reach Up and Reach Ahead (2012)
Homelessness Prevention Outcome Measures (2012)
Modernization Report: Assessment of ESD's Public Benefits Delivery System & Modernization (2010)
Modernization Report: New Service Delivery Model Recommendations
One Time Status Report on Reach Ahead Post Employment Program (2010)
Report on the Success of Six Quality Control Positions (2011)
Stakeholder Study: General Assistance Housing Program (Sept 2012)
Vermont’s Reach First Program: Findings of an analysis of families participating in the program in 2010-2012

Vermont's TANF State Plan Renewal (2009 - 2012)

Vermont's TANF State Plan Amended (2009-2012)

Family Services Division

2013 Report on Child Protection in Vermont 

Program Evaluation: Child Abuse Reporting System (October 2012)
Jurisdiction Over Proceedings on Minor Guardianship (2012)
Juvenile Justice Commission Report (2009)
Report on the Repurposing of the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center

Transitional Services for Youth Outcomes (2012)

Transportation of Children in State Custody (2011)
Validation of the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) for use by the Vermont Department for Children and Families

Office of Child Support

Strategies to Improve Child Support Compliance and Reduce Employer Administrative Burdens

Office of Economic Opportunity

Performance Indicators for the Vermont Weatherization Assistance Program (2012)