Act 166 Record Checks by CDD

14 September 2016


To:                          Superintendents and Principals

From:                    Child Development Division, Department for Children and Families

 Subject:               Act 166 Records Checks by CDD

 Date:                     September 14, 2016

 CC:                         Licensed and Registered Child Care Providers
                                  Prequalified Prekindergarten Education Programs
                                  Ken Schatz, Commissioner of Department for Children and Families
                                  Hal Cohen, Secretary of Human Services
                                  Rebecca Holcombe, Secretary of Education

 This memorandum is being sent to Superintendents to explain how to receive status reports and assurances from the Child Development Division (CDD) regarding fingerprint supported record checks for prequalified prekindergarten education programs approved under Act 166.

  In order for CDD to provide assurances directly to Superintendents:

  • Superintendents should complete the following request form that will be submitted electronically to CDD and that lists all partnering Pre-K programs:
  •  CDD will forward to each Superintendent fingerprint supported clearance information for individual staff members and their associated Pre-K programs.  CDD will provide this clearance information on a continual rolling basis as clearances are performed.

We hope that this information is helpful to you.