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Governor Scott Proclaims May as Foster Care Month in Vermont

May 5, 2022

May is National Foster Care Month.  It is a time to acknowledge the role of foster care providers statewide. This year, relatives and kin caregivers are being celebrated for their commitment to children and youth who are placed in their care. Acknowledging the unique role kinship caregivers play in providing stability for children as families work to achieve reunification is a key factor in the support of families that can help lead to more positive outcomes for their future.

“Kincare providers are essential to the wellbeing of children and youth in foster care.  Through their intervention, children are provided a stable environment while not losing important connections to their parents and extended family.” said DCF Commissioner, Sean Brown.

“By celebrating National Foster Care Month, we are able to highlight the importance of kin and all providers who support children and youth in our care,” said Deputy Commissioner, Aryka Radke.

In addition to the National Campaign, Foster Care Month recognizes and celebrates the,

  • Over 50% of children who will safely reunite with their biological parents this year.
  • Parents, foster, and kincare providers who do the hard work to make this possible.
  • Workers and service providers who support the children and families.

To learn how you can help a child in need of a family, visit: