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New Law Expands Access to Adoption Information

June 28, 2023

Vermont Department for Children and Families announces July 1 opening of personal information for adoptees 

Waterbury, Vt. – Beginning on July 1, 2023 changes to Vermont Adoption Law will allow adopted Vermonters greater access to their adoption information. 

“This new law makes original birth certificates, information about former parents, and details about their adoptions available to adoptees,” said Department for Children and Families Commissioner Chris Winters. “The adoption registry is there to help hundreds of adoptees find information and answers about their own history. Now that access is even easier.” 

Starting July 1, 2023, any adult adopted person who was:   

  • Born in Vermont will get unrestricted access to a certified copy of their original birth certificate. It does not matter where or when the adoption took place. They may get this from the Vermont Department of Health’s Vital Records Office.  
  • Adopted in a Vermont court may get identifying information about a former parent, unless the parent filed a request for nondisclosure before July 1, 2023. They may get this from the Vermont Adoption Registry

The changes above also apply to the direct descendants of adopted people who are deceased. 

Biological/former parents may file a form with the Vermont Adoption Registry indicating their preference for contact with the adopted person. The preference information listed on this form will be shared with an adult adopted person requesting their original birth certificate. 

The Vermont Adoption Registry is the central point of contact for information about all adoptions that have taken place in Vermont since 1940. Additional details about access will be available on July 1 on the Vermont Adoption Registry’s webpage: 

The Vermont Adoption Registry is part of the Department for Children and Families.  

To learn more: 

Call (802) 241-0906 

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