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Updates on COVID-19 Vaccine Availability for Regulated Child Care Providers

March 10, 2021


We are happy to hear that many regulated child care providers have been successful in scheduling appointments, thank you for sharing that information. We also know that many of you have yet to find availability in your area. Please know that the state team is doing its best to stand up clinics as fast as possible but they can only go as fast as they receive vaccine. They can’t create slots, if they don’t have shots. Many dedicated people are working around the clock to receive, track, and monitor doses so they can distribute to clinics.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • When calling/contacting pharmacies, identify yourself as an “educator”. The system was set up for educators before child care providers were added so many pharmacies are looking for this term.
  • Walgreens only books out 3 days, so if there are no slots, go back on the next day and look.
  • The statewide scheduling team is loading new sites as they are organized and confirmed, they load them once a day around 4:00 PM. Try to check as soon after 4:00 PM as possible.
  • Pharmacies, including Walgreens, are telling us they are not requiring codes. Rather, they are asking people to self-attest as they register that they are eligible by VT guidelines – it may say educators or healthcare workers. Child care providers and other people eligible under this phase should identify as an educator.
  • Here is the website to set up your account
  • If you are having difficulty creating an account you can call this number 1-855-722-7878 for assistance, please have your code ready, they will need it.

If you have other questions, email them to us at

Don’t get discouraged! People are getting their shots. If you find a “tip” that works spread the word.