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Updated CCFAP Capped Rates Effective in July

June 29, 2023

Last week, the Child Development Division announced the Legislature’s passage of H.217, a bill related to child care and early childhood education. While many of the most significant changes from the new law will take place in 2024, one of the most immediate changes is to the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) Capped Rates.

Effective July 2, 2023, the CCFAP capped rates will adjust to a simplified rate schedule with higher base rates to better reflect the cost of providing quality child care. See the new rates.  CCFAP will still pay the lesser of the two rates: up to the provider’s rate or the State’s capped rate. For more detailed information about CCFAP payments, please see CDD’s fact sheet.

New certificates for providers will be generated and available by 07/17/2023. Families will also receive new Statements of Eligibility to reflect any changes in the amount paid by the state.

If you want to submit an updated Provider Rate Agreement (PRA) and have the change be reflected on the new certificates and Statements of Eligibility for families effective July 2nd, please submit your updated PRA by 4:30PM on 07/12/2023. More information on submitting, viewing, and editing PRAs can be found here.

In order to allow for a smooth creation of new certificates and Statements of Eligibility, attendance for the 07/02/2023-07/15/2023 service period cannot be entered before 07/17/2023. Attendance for this service period will need to be entered between 7/17/2023 and 7/19/23 at 12pm. Any attendance entered before 07/17/2023 for the 07/02/2023-07/15/2023 service will be rejected and you will need to re-enter after 07/17/2023.

For questions related to CCFAP, please contact

For more information on changes as a result of the passage of H.217, please see CDD’s dedicated H.217 webpage or reach out to us with questions at