Implementation of Vermont’s Child Care Financial Assistance and Child Care Referral Systems Request for Proposals

22 October 2020

The State is seeking to enter into one or more contracts with an organization to provide accurate timely child care support services throughout the State of Vermont. The support services will allow families to apply for and access child care financial assistance and child care referral services within the 12 geographical areas (AHS regions) designated by this agreement. Contractors may bid to provide services in one or more AHS region(s). All work conducted must be in accordance with federal rules, state regulations, Child Care Financial Assistance Program policies and referral best practices.

Child Care Financial Assistance is the State of Vermont’s program that helps eligible families pay for child care.  Child Care Referral provides consumer education and referrals to all families seeking child care in Vermont. The goal of these contracts is to provide eligibility determination and referral services, in a family focused approach while ensuring timely and accurate services.