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COVID-19 Recommendations Update

March 7, 2022

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The State of Vermont is updating its COVID-19 recommendations for prevention and mitigation for Vermonters. The update will be a transition from school-based and child care-specific recommendations to general health guidance for all Vermonters as issued by the Vermont Department of Health. These recommendations will take effect Monday, March 14th, 2022.

General Guidance

Effective March 14th, there will be no child care-specific COVID-19 prevention and mitigation recommendations issued by the State of Vermont. Child care programs should encourage their staff and families to follow the Vermont Department of Health’s recommendations for all Vermonters (this website should be updated by March 14th). The Vermont Department of Health will update these recommendations as public health circumstances warrant.

COVID-19 Testing Programs 

The Tests for Tots COVID-19 testing program (the link is no longer available as the program was discontinued in April 2022) will be phased out at a date not yet determined, in favor of children, families, and staff accessing the same testing programs provided to all Vermonters. In the meantime, we will be making changes to the Tests for Tots program guidance, which will be effective March 14th. These updates will include changes to the quarantine and isolation guidance. Additionally, it is anticipated that the masking requirement in Tests for Tots will be removed, effective March 14th.


For programs not participating in Tests for Tots, the decision to wear a mask continues to be up to individual programs to make in partnership with their families. For programs that do not require masks, individual families may continue to have their children mask. We encourage providers to work with children and families in their programs to support these varied decisions.