Woodside School

class at the Woodside Juvenile Rehab CenterHoused within Woodside, the school is managed by the Family Services Division and regulated by the Vermont Agency of Education.

Our Students

Students who attend the school face a range of social, emotional, educational, and/or mental health challenges at the same time that they are also:

  • Striving to complete their middle and high school education
  • Working to improve their lives
  • Preparing to live successfully in their communities

Instruction at the School

Students receive instruction in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills/Health, Phys Ed & Art.

Individual student functioning and performance is taken into account through adaptation and accommodation of content area curriculums.  This is to ensure the highest degree of skill attainment for all students, regardless of their individual learning styles and characteristics. 

Special Education Needs

The school serves the special education needs of students with disabilities. Woodside’s Educational Coordinator contacts the student’s Local Education Agency (LEA) to determine Special Education eligibility and requests copies of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and other pertinent educational documents.  Students attending Woodside receive credit toward their sending school’s graduation requirements.

Beyond Education

In addition to attending school during the day, our residents participate in therapeutic services in areas such as:

  • Life skills
  • Anger management, emotional regulation
  • Drug/alcohol counseling
  • Team building activities
  • Music therapy and animal therapy
  • A variety of other services based on their individual needs

Bringing the community to Woodside is an important part of meeting our residents' treatment needs.