Woodside Policies

The Family Services Division is in the process of comprehensively revising all Woodside policies and procedures. Revisions are complete for the policies listed below. As revisions of other policies are completed, they will be published here. 

You need Adobe Reader to view the policies below. If you don't have it, you can download it for free here.

Organization, Administration & Management

Policy 102:  Minimum Staff Coverage for Center
Policy 103:  Leave Request Standards
Policy 104:  Maintaining an Environment Free From Sexual Harassment
Policy 105:  Policy Creation and Amendment
Policy 108:  Smoking
Policy 109:  Confidentiality and Release of Information
Policy 114:  Interviewing Youth in Custody Concerning Their Alleged Involvement in a Crime
Policy 115:  Internal Accounting Systems
Policy 116:  Materials and Maintenance
Policy 117:  General Records
Policy 118:  Assignment of Overtime
Policy 119:  Sanitation and Hygiene
Policy 120:  Computer Use
Policy 121:  Quality Assurance
Policy 122:  Logbooks
Policy 123:  Key Control

Personnel and Training

Policy 201: Organizational Values
Policy 213: Expectations of Staff
Policy 214: Training Program
Policy 215: Volunteers & Interns
Policy 216: Staff Evaluation
Policy 217: Ethical Standards for Woodside Counselors

Treatment, Health Care and Nutrition Services

Policy 400:   Planning for Active Treatment
Policy 401:   General Health Practice
Policy 402:   Decisions Regarding Medications
Policy 402A: Medication
Policy 405A: Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy 405C: Preventing Illness/Disease Transmission
Policy 405D: Emergency Medical Procedure
Policy 405E: Routine Medical Care
Policy 405F: Verbal & Telephone Medication Orders
Policy 406:  Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team
Policy 407:  Dietary and Kitchen
Policy 408:  Access to Services
Policy 409:  Medication Evaluation Reviews
Policy 411:  Drug Testing
Policy 415:  Therapeutic Outings
Policy 420:  Resident and Family Notifications

Safety and Security

Policy 501: Front Desk Operations
Policy 502: North Unit
Policy 505: Recreation Areas Including Large Gymnasium
Policy 509: Use of Restraint and Seclusion
Policy 511: Night Shift Safety and Security
Policy 512: Kitchen Safety and Security
Policy 515: Head Counts
Policy 516: Locked Doors
Policy 517: Lights

Emergency Procedures

Policy 600: Emergency Preparedness
Policy 601: Evacuation Plan and Safety Equipment
Policy 602: Evacuation Off-Site
Policy 604: Fire Safety
Policy 606: Rescue Squad Transportation
Policy 613: Death of Resident

Resident Communication and Visits

Policy 721: Visits and Phone Calls with Residents