Balanced & Restorative Justice (BARJ)

BARJ is a balanced, restorative approach to juvenile justice that emphasizes:

  • Reducing the number of youth involved with the juvenile justice system
  • Repairing the harm caused by delinquent behaviors
  • Giving victims and community members a voice in the process

Our Mission Statement

Click here to read the BARJ Mission Statement.

Our Services

BARJ serves youth who are on juvenile probation, at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system or truant from school.

Services could include:

  • Restorative Justice Panels:  involves community members, offenders, and victims in discussions to address the harm caused by delinquent acts and the actions needed to repair the damage.  The goal is to hold offenders accountable for the effects of their actions on others. 

  • Restitution Services: ensures restitution payments are made to victims of delinquent acts.

  • Screening and Restorative Services: pre-screens youth using the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) to determine the services required, based on risk and needs.

  • Case Management Services: coordinates services for youth and their families that may include attendance at family and school team meetings, attendance at court hearings, curfew checks, drug and alcohol testing, home visits, supports for youth who are at risk or truant and therapeutic treatment meetings.

  • Restorative Classes, Skills Development, Prevention and Community Outreach: includes skill building groups and activities on topics such as conflict resolution, social skills, problem solving, decision making, community service, leadership, victim issues, effective communication and one-to-one supports for youth.

To Learn More

Contact the provider in your district. 

  • Barre: Washington County Diversion - (802) 479-1900
  • Bennington: Center for Restorative Justice - (802) 447-1595
  • Brattleboro: Youth Services - (802) 257-0361
  • Burlington: Chittenden County Court Diversion - (802) 864-1585
  • Hartford: Valley Court Diversion Program - (802) 295-5078
  • Middlebury: Easter Seals - (802) 382-4030
  • Morrisville: Lamoille Restorative Center - (802) 888-5871
  • Newport: NEKCA Community Justice Programs - (802) 334-8224
  • Rutland: Rutland County Court Diversion & Restorative Justice Center Inc. - (802) 775-2479
  • Springfield: Valley Court Diversion Program - (802) 295-5078

  • St. Albans: Franklin/GI Restorative Justice Center - 802) 524-7006
  • St. Johnsbury: Northeast Kingdom Youth Service - (802) 748-8732

The focus is on keeping communities safe, holding youth accountable, and helping youth become productive, invested members of their communities.