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Child/Summer Care Restart Stipend: FAQ'S

If your program will be providing care for Vermont children this summer, read the frequently-asked-questions below to see if you qualify.

How can stipends be used?

Funds are meant to help cover additional expenses directly associated with COVID-19. This might include:

  • Buying enough group items to eliminate sharing (i.e., making sure every child has their own markers & pens).
  • Buying cloth face masks and gloves for staff.
  • Purchasing cleaning products and disinfecting/sanitation services as outlined in health and safety guidance.
  • Making structural changes needed to accommodate safer group sizes.
  • Hiring additional staff needed because of smaller group sizes.

How much could we get?

It depends on the number of:

  1. Requests we receive,
  2. Children your program can serve each week (capacity), AND
  3. Weeks of care you'll be providing until August 31, 2020.

We recognize that for summer day camps, children often participate in multiple programs over the course of the summer. In calculating a program’s stipend, we'll use the program's weekly capacity instead of the number of children served to ensure equity across the state.

Eligible programs requesting stipends will receive an email notice of their stipend amount by May 27, 2020.

When will we get the stipend?

Stipends will be issued between May 27 to June 17, 2020.  Payment processing will be prioritized based on start date. Programs currently providing essential child care or opening on June 1st will be prioritized for payment processing.

Can I request a stipend if I have not decided to open this summer?

No. To get a stipend, you must be committed to opening and serving Vermont children this summer.

Can I request a stipend after May 22, if I decide later to provide summer care?

No. Requests must be received before midnight on May 22, 2020.

Can I request a stipend if I've been open and serving children as an essential child care provider?

Yes. You may request one as long as you're open for child care/summer care.

Can I request a stipend if I offer both day and overnight camps?

Yes. But only include the weekly capacity of your day camp. Don't include the capacity for the overnight camp.

Will I have to return the stipend if my program has to close before August 31, 2020 —based on a Department of Heath requirement/recommendation?

No. You won't have to return the stipend as long as your program opens for child care/summer care and the closure is required or recommended by the Department of Health because of COVID-19.

Will I need to submit a report?

No. But the State reserves the right to audit your program to make sure it qualified for the stipend.

Can a public school request a stipend?

No. Programs that are run and funded through public schools do not qualify. Private programs that use public school spaces do qualify.

Can I request a stipend if I am a new regulated child care program planning to open later this summer?

No. These stipends are only available to existing child care programs or summer camps.

Where can I learn more?