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Challenging A Substantiation

The information below is for people substantiated for child abuse and neglect in Vermont.

When may I request a review to challenge a substantiation?

If you were substantiated: You may request a substantiation review:
From January 1, 1992 to August 31, 2007 At any time
On or after September 1, 2007

Within 14 days of when we mailed you a letter advising that:

  • We intend to add your name to the registry
  • You have the right to request a substantiation review

What happens if I request a substantiation review?

  1. We’ll contact you to schedule a meeting with an independent reviewer.
  2. Once it’s scheduled, we’ll send you a confirmation letter and copies of redacted investigative documents (per the law).
  3. After the meeting, the reviewer may:
    • Uphold the substantiation
    • Overturn it
    • Direct DCF to reopen the investigation
  4. You’ll be sent a decision letter.
  5. If the reviewer upholds the substantiation:
    • We’ll add your name to the registry (or keep it on if it‘s already there)
    • You may appeal the decision to the Human Services Board

What if I don’t request a review in the time allowed?

  • Your name will be added to the registry (or stay on the registry if it's already there)
  • The decision will be final
  • You’ll have no further right to request a substantiation review

How do I request a review?

  1. If you may request a substantiation review at this time, print and complete this form.
  2. Answer the questions completely & accurately. We cannot process your request unless it's complete.
  3. Indicate the type of review you're asking for.
  4. Mail your completed and signed form to the address below.

Is a registry record permanent?

As long as you are NOT required to be on the Sex Offender Registry, you may request a review to have your name expunged (removed) from the registry once it's been on a certain number of years.

Department for Children and Families
Commissioner’s Registry Review Unit 
HC 1 North, 280 State Drive
Waterbury, VT  05671-1080
(802) 241-2321