Extra Reach Up Payment in December

09 December 2020

The Department for Children and Families (DCF) announced today that over 3,000 families participating in the Reach Up program will receive an extra check this month using Covid Relief Funds. This one-time payment of $432 will help families who experienced increased expenses due to the pandemic.

Reach Up provides cash assistance and employment services to families who are experiencing deep poverty and have minor, dependent children. 

Households who received a Reach Up grant in October were eligible to apply for the extra check if they had increased expenses related to the health crisis. This includes:

  • Items such as face masks, hand sanitizer & cleaning supplies
  • Higher costs due to working, studying or staying safely at home
    (e.g., electricity, heat, computer, software, Internet, phone line, scanner)
  • Higher child care costs
  • Healthcare costs (e.g., COVID testing, doctor’s visits, hospital costs)

Learn more about Reach Up at  https://dcf.vermont.gov/benefits/reachup.


Wear a mask.  Your mask protects others. Their mask protects you.