3SquaresVT Food Benefit Error

18 December 2020

The Department for Children and Families (DCF) announced today that an error occurred affecting some Vermonters receiving an extra 3Squares benefit from Coronavirus Relief Funding (CRF). Of the 22,506 3Squares cases receiving an extra benefit, 4,932 cases had an error resulting in their checks being issued incorrectly.

The error occurred when the DCF computer file of beneficiaries was being adjusted for duplications. A mismatch of names and addresses occurred thus checks for families were going to the wrong addresses. Some checks were mailed prior to the error being realized, so some households may receive a check with their address but not their name. These checks have a stop payment on them and cannot be cashed.

Recipients of these mislabeled checks may return them to the post office unopened or destroy them. New checks are being issued and will be mailed in the coming days. Staff are calling each household to inform them of the error and of the new check issuance.

The checks were a one-time extra payment of $286 for households that were not eligible to receive enhanced 3Squares benefits in September because they were already receiving the maximum benefit, or they had received an enhanced benefit of $50 or less for September.

Learn more about 3SquaresVT at https://dcf.vermont.gov/benefits/3SquaresVT.


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