NETO Weatherization Office - NEWPORT

We can help you apply for the Weatherization Program!

The Application Process

  1. Click here to get the application.  You can either:
    1. Print it and fill it out by hand
    2. Save it to your computer and complete it electronically
  2. If anyone in the household ‰earned wages or salary from a job, complete one Employment Income Verifcation Form for each job held in the past 12 months. Complete the employee's section only. 
  3. Sign your completed application form and any completed Income Verification forms.
  4. Submit all completed, signed forms to the address below.
* Note: Please report any income from rental properties under self-employment.

If the dwelling includes more than one separate living area (e.g., an apartment building, a duplex, or a house with a basement apartment or in-law suite), ask us about additional forms you may have to complete.

NETO Weatherization Office - Newport
Physical address: 147 Citizens Road, Derby, VT 05829
Mailing address: PO Box 584, Newport, VT 05855
Local: (802) 334-7378
Toll Free: 1-800-639-3212
Fax: (802) 334-8148