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Family Unification Program

Information for referring agencies: YDP, FSD, FSH, Reach Up & CE

Please review the FUP Referral Process Training for important guidance on getting signatures during the COVID-19 outbreak.

►Read the FUP APPENDIX for details about process, priorities and definitions.

►View the FUP Referral Process Training to learn about the process and roles of VSHA and DCF.

► Read the FUP Priority Changes Memo.


  1. Identify families & youth who may be eligible for & interested in FUP.
  2. Do an initial screen for eligibility.
  3. Make sure required case management is in place (at least 12 months for families and 36 months for youth).
  4. Complete the fillable PROGRAM REFERRAL FORM. Get it signed by the appropriate supervisor, district director or district manager.
  5. Complete and sign the fillable DOCUMENTATION OF INADEQUATE HOUSING FORM.
  6. Complete VSHA's Pre-Application for Family Unification Voucher. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, case managers may phone verify and sign this form on behalf of clients. When doing so, please make a note that you are taking this action because of the COVID-19 crisis.
  7. Email your completed forms to AHS.DCFFUVReferrals@vermont.gov.


DCF Central Office staff will ask you to:

1. Complete and submit the following forms:

2. Update any information that has changed on previously submitted forms.

3. Recertify your forms if they are older than 60 days.

Email your completed, updated and recertified forms to AHS.DCFFUVReferrals@vermont.gov.

VSHA staff will ask the client to:
  1. Submit the full VSHA HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER PROGRAM: APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE with verifications and releases.
  2. Complete the FAMILY UNIFICATION PROGRAM CHECKLIST to make sure they have everything needed.

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