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Information For Local Housing Support Workers


Step 1: Identify applicants through the Coordinated Entry Process.

Applicants will be referred to you from the local Master List. 

Step 2: Help applicant complete the application.

Make sure the CARES application is fully completed, includes all the required supporting documents, and is signed by everyone required to sign it.

Step 3: Submit the application and supporting documents to CVOEO.
  • Mail: Cares Housing Voucher, PO Box 1603, Burlington, VT 05402.
  • Email: If you can do so securely, send it by email.
  • Online: Upload documents securely here. If possible, consolidate all the documents into just one file. Name it as follows: County-Client's Initials-Worker's Initials-Support Agency's Name. For example: Lamoille-LB-JS-HousingResourceCenter.

Step 4: CVOEO staff will review the application. 

If the application is complete and they are eligible, CVOEO will send the applicant a pre-approval letter outlining the next steps.

Step 5: Help the applicant to find housing. 

Step 6: CVOEO will finalize the CARES Housing Voucher.

Project Requirements & Forms

CARES Housing Support Services Only

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