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Work 4 Kids

Work4Kids helps parents to find and keep good paying jobs so they can meet their child support obligations.

Who The Project Helps 

Work4Kids helps parent who are:

  • Behind, or at risk of falling behind, on their child support payments
  • Unemployed or underemployed (i.e., working less than full time)
  • Faced with barriers to employment such as a criminal record

How The Project Helps

Work4Kids helps participants to:

  • Gain work skills and knowledge
  • Find new or better jobs
  • Resolve issues that may be keeping them from steady work (e.g., criminal record, mental health issue, substance abuse disorder, no reliable transportation, unstable housing and lack of education/training)
  • Access supports such as work clothes, transportation and training
  • Get personal counseling if they need it to stay employed
  • Modify their child support orders based on their ability to pay

Resource for Parents

Resources for Staff Working With Clients

Court forms to modify support

For More Information

Contact Paul Wolf with the Office of Child Support at 1-800-786-3214 or Paul.Wolf@vermont.gov

Work4Kids is a joint project of the Vermont Office of Child Support, VocRehab Vermont, Invest EAP, the Vermont Judiciary, and the Vermont Association of Business Industry and Rehabilitation (VABIR).